Thursday, 5 December 2019


Thank you to anyone who is taking time to visit this page. As far as I know, there is probably about as many people that visit this site as there have been that expressed interest in my first book or listened to the podcast (close to zero ;) ).

If anyone is reading the blog in December of 2019, I encourage you to get in touch via email ( with any feedback or thoughts you may have.

I am still busy working away on the second book. I am currently out and about in the world, so updating this blog has been a challenge over the last few weeks, but I have still been doing a fair bit of writing and research for the new book. I am enjoying writing this one far more since the subject of sustainability was rather draining.

To clarify, this second book will not be focused on sustainability. I am working on various ideas that include new viewpoints and ideas revolving around various aspects of the world from education, politics, and philosophy, and I am looking forward to share it with my non-existent audience. All kidding aside, as of now, I am enjoying writing these books, so it doesn't really matter to me if no one reads them.

My current timeline is to have the second book completed by early to mid 2020, maybe sooner - but I would prefer not rushing this one as quickly as did the last one. The last one was more rushed to due the time-sensitive content contained within the book. If there is any interest in the future with the first book, I will make sure to edit it and release a second cleaner, edited version of the book, but as of now it seems like a waste of time editing something that sold all of two copies.

My goal is to double that crazy high number to four copies sold for my second book. So stay tuned my future four readers...

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