Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Over A Year After The Podcast Started

Happy super belated 2020!

First off, the $5000 Sustainability Challenge that was held on the Podcast and Social Media has now terminated. As expected, I received all of zero entries adding further evidence to my claim of ‘incorrect global perception.’ See Episode 38 for what exactly the challenge was all about.

Great News! The second Viable Underdogs book is now complete.

Renegades of Disruption: How To Overcome Humanity’s Overwhelming Resistance to Change & New Ideas. will soon be made available for download, or you can order a paper copy and/or PDF version here:

I recommend reading Renegades of Disruption prior to reading Uncage Human Ingenuity. Although Renegades was written second, it was always intended to be read first, but I wrote them in this order due to the time sensitive nature of the material in Uncage Human Ingenuity (Kinda thought I’d get some amount of traction with it - oh well - you live and you fail…repeatedly).

Renegades of Disruption also lays out a foundation for the third book that is currently in the works:

The Paradox of Civilizations (Expected completion by the end of 2020).

During the intense, adventurous, and Earth-shattering writing of The Paradox of Civilizations, I am also working to soon release ‘Book Zero’ that would offer episode transcripts of the entire Podcast-Audiobook. Currently, I’m allocating a couple months prior to completion, but I will post any updates here.

As well, stay tuned for an update regarding consulting services that will soon be offered. One of the main purposes of the books (other than to provide the podcast with legitimacy) is to sell my consulting services to any organization, or nation in the world, who thinks my Global Diagnostic Technician skills may prove useful.  

As always, thank you for your support!

To date, I have never received a single email from anyone who mentions having read, listened to, or watched any Viable Underdogs material. I add this in not to vent, but to encourage anyone to get in touch if I do have a tiny audience, and also to provide yet further evidence at the difficulty of introducing new, innovative ideas to the world and our species.

The Epic Saga of Viable Underdogs, John & Carlos continues. Hopefully, our second year in operation yields greater results...

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