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At the end of his book, Crossing The Chasm, Geoffrey Moore compares pioneer technologists to authors, by mentioning that they feel compelled to perform their work, and that their motivations extend beyond that of financial compensation. If money was the only motivator in writing my books, then they would have remained incomplete ideas in my head, since it has proved quite difficult locating anyone willing to read them, let alone parting with some of their cash for them.

In Renegades of Disruption, I mentioned leaving a bit of margin on the book, Uncage Human Ingenuity, in order to get some amount of compensation for my research into the problem. Upon reflection, it makes more sense to focus on compensation with future books, consulting work, and other strategies, than it does to expect payment on books already completed.

You’ll find all my books available for free as a PDF download below. Currently, this includes Uncage Human Ingenuity and Renegades of Disruption. Once the written version of the Podcast-Audiobook is completed, it will be added here as well. If you prefer reading physical copies of the books, then I will also provide links on where you can purchase these (the costs to purchase the book goes towards the printing and shipping - none of the money goes to me as I have removed any profit).

As well, I understand there is a fair bit of material present throughout all my works, and it might fluster some people if they have no idea where exactly to start. In this post, I will also leave a detailed list on all the Viable Underdogs material (Podcast, videos, books, and this blog), and the ideal order the material should be digested. It has never been my intent to needlessly confuse anyone, but it has proven quite challenging to complete this work without assistance or feedback. While everything makes perfect sense in my head, it might come across as scattered gibberish to another person. I’m always open to suggestions and feedback should anyone be interested in getting in touch with me (

Here is the order I recommend:

Renegades of Disruption:
How to Overcome Humanity’s Overwhelming Resistance to Change & New Ideas.

You can download the free PDF version here (all links are through Google Drive):

Or you can order a physical paper copy of the book here:

Renegades of Disruption lays out the foundation for all the other idea presented by Viable Underdogs. It first provides an explanation and methods on lowering your associative barriers - something essential in order for a reader to entertain the scale and magnitude of ideas that are presented. It also provides a gateway to better understand ideas presented in the first book, Uncage Human Ingenuity, and the third book, The Paradox of Civilizations (Expected completion - End of 2020). Although Uncage Human Ingenuity was written first, it was always intended for Renegades of Disruption to be read first. The reason they were not released in this manner was due to the time-sensitive nature of the material and that I did not expect to complete Renegades as quickly as I did.

After reading Renegades of Disruption, the order in which the material is consumed is less important, but I strongly urge anyone to start with Renegades first. Following, is a recommended list to explore the remaining material.

Uncage Human Ingenuity: 
A Realistic, Profitable Global Transition to Sustainability Within 10 Years.

NOTE: I am currently in the process of writing a second edition of this book, since I realize there are quite a few typos that need to be corrected, formatting issues that need to be edited, and the general flow of the book needs to be better streamlined. As well, I am working on adding additional information that will strengthen the points made, which is why this second edition will likely be in the works for some time. In the meantime, I'll update a list of articles here that should be read concurrently with the book, and will eventually be included in the second edition:

Article 12 Problem #7: Incorrect Global Perception

Article 12 - Part 2: Social Media Amplification

Article 3: Soylent Green is made of ...Climate Crisis Solutions?

You can download the free PDF version here (all links are through Google Drive):

Or you can order a physical paper copy of the book here:

Uncage Human Ingenuity explores the idea that the greatest factor in our current global Sustainability Crisis is compromised communication. The method in solving this style of compromised communication exists in business fields like Change Management. Although, there are different options on how to solve these type of communication problems, I suggest using a modified version of a Change Process developed by Kurt Lewin. The First step in Kurt Lewin’s Change Process is known as an ‘Unfreeze,’ which seeks to effectively communicate the reasons for change and how the change will take place

Uncage Human Ingenuity explains how the Podcast-Audiobook is an attempt to deliver this ‘Unfreeze,’ and correct the problem of compromised global communication regarding the Sustainability Crisis.

Viable Underdogs Podcast-Audiobook

A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter: Laterally Applying Change Management Concepts To Correct Compromised Global Communication Channels.

You can listen to the Podcast-Audiobook here:

Here's a link to the first episode: 


It’s also available on Spotify, iTunes, & Google Play if you search:
“Viable Underdogs”

You can download a free PDF written version of the Podcast-Audiobook here: 

NOTE: some minor revisions were made and additional material was added to better represent the ideas explored. A physical copy of the book can be ordered here:

A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter

The reason a podcast was chosen is that more information (episodes) can easily be added and updated. The intent was to wait until it had a larger following until more episodes would be added to initiate the later phases of the Change Process. This is still the intent, but gaining traction has proved exceedingly challenging. As stated before, the Podcast-Audiobook is an attempt to deliver the ‘Unfreeze’ as per Kurt Lewin’s Change Process. The episodes in the Podcast-Audiobook can be listened to in sequential order, but there are other series within the Podcast-Audiobook that may assist in streamlining certain ideas and concepts. A guide on this can be found in each of the Viable Underdogs Books, as well as in one of the videos. Here’s a link to the video:

Series 1: Slow Acceptance of New Ideas
Episodes: 6, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31, and 32.

Series 2: Communication Breakdown
Episodes: 3, 7, 8, 18, 20, 22, 23, 27, 31 & 33.

Series 3: Bureaucratic Inefficiency Present in Politics, Business, and Science
Episodes: 6, 12,14, 19, 20, 21, & 29.

Series 4: The Emotions of Change and Sustainability
Episodes: 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 25, 31, & 35.

Series 5: Global Cooperation
Episodes: 10, 11, 12, 15, 24, & 33.

Series 6: Strict Usage of Terminology
Episodes: 8, 18, 22, 23, 27, & 41.

Series 7: Is science Dumb?
Episodes: 3, 8, 18, 27, & 29.

Series 8: The Jaded Truth
(WARNING: Some content in this series may be offensive to some audiences)
Episodes 9, 17, & 25 

Viable Underdogs YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel has a few videos that may help explain some concepts explored throughout all the books. Here’s one that briefly explains the idea behind Lateral Thinking:

Until more traction is gained, there will be no new videos posted as they are very time-consuming to make. The idea is that there will eventually be helpful videos that provide a better visual representation for all the concepts I present. Currently, there are 8 videos up and all of them are only a few minutes long, so rather than explain them here, I encourage you to simply check them out for yourself.

This Blog

Initially, I intended for this blog to be a working manuscript for my second book, Renegades of Disruption, but as I said, the book was completed much quicker than I had anticipated. Rather, I will now be using the blog to post updates and explore different ideas not included in any of the books. To clarify, while the main purpose of the Podcast-Audiobook and Uncage Human Ingenuity is to correct our current Sustainability Crisis (which includes anthropogenic climate change), the main purpose of Viable Underdogs, this blog, and books such as Renegades of Disruption and The Paradox of Civilizations, is to provide realistic strategies to successfully transition our global civilization from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 Civilization.

Here's a list of all the articles on this blog (excluding updates):

ARTICLE 1: Communication & The Fall of Journalism

ARTICLE 2 - Part 1: Lateral Thinking, Harmonics, & Music
ARTICLE 2 - Part 2: Lateral Thinking, Harmonics, & Music

ARTICLE 3: Soylent Green is made of...Climate Crisis Solutions?

ARTICLE 4: A 21st Century Knowledge Revolution

ARTICLE 5: Two-Step Manuscript Submission (in Academia)

ARTICLE 6: Applying Lateral Thinking - Game Theory to Politics

ARTICLE 7: Peak Demand Stagger Strategy

ARTICLE 8: Disruption

ARTICLE 9 - Part 1: Understanding the Numbers
ARTICLE 9 - Part 2: Understanding the Numbers

ARTICLE 10 - Part 1: An Outbreak of Terrible Communication & Leadership
ARTICLE 10 - Part 2: An Outbreak of Terrible Communication & Leadership
ARTICLE 10 - Part 3: An Outbreak of Terrible Communication & Leadership

ARTICLE 11: 3BL, Incentives, & Urgency

ARTICLE 12 - Part 1: Incorrect Global Perception
ARTICLE 12 - Part 2: Perception & Social Media Amplification
ARTICLE 12 - Part 3: Proof of Compromised Global Communication Channels


Soon, I will be including information on the consulting services I will be offering. This will likely be a separate entity to Viable Underdogs, but I will be posting any links and updates here as well. 


Solving the Global Communication Crisis

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