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ARTICLE 9 - Part 2: Understanding the Numbers

Viable Underdogs concerns itself with anything that is a Type 1, or global, issue. You can check an outline of all Viable Underdogs books and materials in this post:

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NOTES: Here’s the first part of this article:

Article 9 - Part 1

Also, this article is a continuation from EPISODE 38 in the Podcast-Audiobook that explains the reasons behind some of the strategies implemented and/or abandoned.

This article explains the current strategy I will be employing to begin the second attempt at a successful launch. This article may not be interesting to every reader, but it is important to have articles like these available for viewing to maintain transparency. At no point have I tried to be secretive about my process or strategies.

UPDATE: April 15, 2020: 

As predicted, the first part of the second launch did not yield more results than the first launch at convincing journalists or academics. My hope is that some responsible journalists and academics will come on board in the future. The first part of the second launch attempt has been added at the end of this article. 

The second part of this launch will commence on April 20, 2020. Stay Tuned...


The (Failed) First Launch (Aug-Sept, 2019)

The Podcast-Audiobook (Episodes 1 - 37) were completed and published on August 14, 2019. Shortly thereafter, I commenced the first attempt at launching the idea. The idea behind Viable Underdogs is laterally combining the ideas behind Kurt Lewin’s Change Process with an altruistic chain letter. Viable Underdogs exists in more than one communication channel within the Role of Individuals (See Renegades of Disruption, and the upcoming book, The Paradox of Civilizations, for more info on these ‘Roles’). Viable Underdogs currently exists in three main channels - A podcast channel, a blog channel, and a video channel (See all links and downloads at the start of this article). The hashtag (#YouBuying?) is intended to further increase the reach within other news media channels and social media channels. To be clear, this strategy is an opt-in strategy. I only ask people to spread this altruistic chain-letter if they answer ‘Yes’ to the question I continue to ask you all: If you’re buying what I’m selling?

Here was what was attempted within the previous launch:

First, the strategies were sent to various news media (and select academics I thought may be receptive to the idea) all around the globe. 

Second, two separate strategies were created to target social media platforms. On Instagram, I launched the $5000 Sustainability Challenge, and on Reddit, I attempted to spread these ideas on forums already concerned about sustainability.

The $5000 Sustainability Challenge served two purposes - the first was my hopes that regardless of the reception of the challenge (both the challenge itself and the way in which is was marketed), five grand would be enough dinero to make some people see how serious I was, and maybe a few of them could then be bothered to review my work. The second was that I was starting to suspect the perception was even further off than what I had initially thought, and this social experiment could provide some insight.

The results of the Reddit campaign can be found in Episode 41 of the Podcast (currently, that’s the only format it is available in). This also helped me better understand the perception of the Sustainability Crisis.

Why The First Launch Failed

There are two main reasons the first launch failed, and I can only hope that there is nothing else I have overlooked for the second launch I will soon be attempting.

The first reason was the slow acceptance of new ideas (See: Renegades of Disruption). Although, I already knew that this was going to add to the challenge of presenting and ‘selling’ these disruptive ideas, I had underestimated the extent of this challenge. Once the Podcast-Audiobook, and the first book, Uncage Human Ingenuity, were completed, it was only then I realized that I should have researched and written Renegades of Disruption first.

The second reason is that I assumed there were some people on this planet that understood the immediate urgency of the Sustainability Crisis, and I was approaching many individuals and organizations under that assumption. If you read the article on PERCEPTION, you’ll then understand why it’s not really all that surprising that no one responded. Even if anyone I reached out to did listen to the entire podcast (The statistics I track on the Podcast indicate that no party I reached out to during my first launch listened to the Podcast in its entirety), it did not account for the severity of the perception problem.

Upon reflection, there required additional material to help further alter the current perception of the crisis to the present reality - the need for urgency. This was why I wrote the three books, Uncage Human Ingenuity, Renegades of Disruption, and A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter, prior to attempting this second launch. The combination of all present material, I hope, is adequate to further shift public perception closer to the reality of the situation. At the very bottom of this article, I will include the email that was sent out to most news outlets during the first attempted launch. For the record, when I wrote this, my understanding was there were some individuals that carried the same level of urgency I did, which is why it was written in the manner it was. However, now that I better understand public perception, it becomes clearer why this approach was unsuccessful. With these new insights in mind, I’ll now explain to you exactly what I will be attempting with the second launch.

Requirements to be Considered:


The are five main channels of communication that these ideas need to spread through (From the five Roles in World’s Organizational Structure). However, it’s important to keep in mind that some channels will yield a higher likelihood of success than others. See Renegades of Disruption for more info on these five Roles. The Role of Individuals is the best channel, since by nature, it is already ‘globally neutral.’ The Role of Information is the second best option, since some of the major fields within the Role (Journalism and Academia) are supposed to adhere to a code of ethics and neutrality. However, as I have outlined, in recent years, this neutrality, and therefore the public’s trust, have diminished. The other three Roles are not ever really neutral. The Roles of Government, Business, and Religion often have issues and challenges that lean considerably away from neutrality. There is nothing inherently good or bad about this, but it here is an example of the challenge this currently causes me:

Let’s say I successfully sell my ideas to my government, the Government of Canada, and they start to promote these ideas within my nation and also internationally. If the current administration within my country is liberal or left-leaning, then those who support a conservative or right-leaning administration may be inclined to distrust the idea due to issues I have outlined in some detail in Part 4 of Renegades of Disruption. The same types of issues occur within the Role of Business and the Role of Religion - distrust that can occur from differing ideals and viewpoints. This may happen both within my own nation as well as internationally if other nations or individuals within these nations suspect my government has an ulterior motive.

‘Noise’ in Communication Channels

Ideally, the Viable Underdogs Unfeeze-Chain Letter would be diffused in a mostly quiet communication channel, but these days, most communication channels are rather noisy due to information saturation (See Renegades of Disruption) and Social Media Amplification (See upcoming article on amplification). While the Unfreeze-Chain Letter will eventually exploit both of these weaknesses in our communication systems to accelerate the rate in which this idea spreads, it makes the initial launch much more difficult. It’s also the main reason I still have not resorted to spam-posting everywhere. Spam-posting is the last ditch-effort, since there is literally no strategy to it. At this point, I still have a few other strategies up my sleeve to try out first.


Now that the two main problems pertaining to the initial launch have been addressed (Problem #1 - The Slow Acceptance of New Ideas and Problem #7 - Incorrect Global Perception), then a second attempt at contacting news media can be attempted. As well, the addition of referenced books I have written might make Viable Underdogs appear more legitimate (Rather than only approaching them with the Podcast-Audiobook and the videos I did during my first launch).

I will attempt to get their attention by leading with a book, Renegades of Disruption, and  ARTICLE 10. In Article 10, by comparing the level of urgency between two ongoing crises (Sustainability and COVID-19), it might help others make these connections for themselves.

As well, much like I mentioned on Page 144 of A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter, we will quickly find out which journalists and outlets still adhere to journalistic standards and ethics.

NOTE: Although I have made unfavourable comments towards the field of Journalism and Academia, it was never with the intent to imply that every individual within each field is responsible for the problems I identified. After all, the references I often use are from journalists and academics. However, their professional fields require close to 100% adherence to ethics and integrity. Once the number starts to drop, it causes the entire field to be called into question. To be abundantly clear, there are many responsible academics and journalists all over the globe and my hope is that they will also help me spread these ideas. 

This will be the first part of this second launch. Hopefully, this will be successful, but I do have other strategies ready to use. Unfortunately, the next strategy I currently have (if I don’t think up another) is even greasier than the $5000 Sustainability Challenge. Ideally, this one should not become necessary should my second attempt to gain audience with Journalism works. If it doesn’t, then this article will be updated with the next strategy I will be employing.


For both my first and second launch, I have asked for feedback, but have often received very little. If the material in all the books, videos, and articles is confusing or convoluted, it’s not because I wanted to do all of this on my own. I legitimately thought the Podcast was going to be adequate when I started out, but I underestimated the power of associative barriers, cognitive fallacies, social factors, and psychological factors outlined in Part 4 of Renegades of Disruption.

If The Second Launch Works

For the sake of transparency, I must mention that I am unsure exactly how this Unfreeze-Chain Letter will diffuse throughout our various global communication channels. This is one of the reasons I am hopeful to get some news outlets on board. I suspect they have the ability to ‘cushion’ some of the disruption and challenges this may initially cause.

Although there is little doubt in my mind that my overall strategy will work, it is difficult for me to predict exactly what will occur since there is nothing else to base this on. Nothing on this large scale or magnitude has ever before been attempted in the history of our species. To be clear, if and when this idea works, this will clearly display the vulnerabilities of our communication systems. After all, there is no reason why a chain letter should be able to hijack our communication systems on the level that will be required to succeed. And this is the other reason why I continuously remind you that this is an opt-in system. The larger Viable Underdogs grows, the larger the amount of individuals who have answered ‘Yes’ and agree with the majority of the strategy (since 100% agreement is highly unlikely for everyone on this planet). The only thing I seek to implement at this time is to display the vulnerabilities of our global systems, which will start with the communication systems. I have zero desire to push other agendas.

There’s No One Else

I am doing this on my own. No one else should be held accountable for the strategy I will undertake. I undertake this not because I have any desire for the level of fame this may entail, nor anything else. I only undertake this entire strategy due to the high stakes of what my research represents - something that will not make sense to you unless the Unfreeze has reached a global audience, or you have managed to lower your associative barriers (Hopefully both). I consider myself no different than individuals like Stanislav Petrov (See EPISODE 31). I’m just a regular guy forced to step up and solve a problem virtually no one on our planet even realizes exists.

This is the main reason I have not added my name to my work. For starters, I feel it would be unethical to brand all this work as my own due to the amount of assistance the books and works I cited helped craft these strategies. I’d much rather share any fame with the authors of these respective books and works. As well, while I have no issue to further explain my ideas to any audience that wishes me to do so, I tend to enjoy my privacy. Low-level fame isn’t the end of the world, but I’d much rather ‘Viable Underdogs’ become the common household name, rather than my own name.

Motivation / Incentive

As stated, this Sustainability Crisis has escalated to the point of possible survival for our species. Preventing our own extinction was always the main motivation for all the work I have performed. If I am successful, then compensation for my work would be appreciated. I have already stated the value I place on these strategies, but this is a choice I ultimately leave up to all of you.

What You Can do

There are two things I ask of any audience. Promoting these ideas, books, videos, and podcast episodes in your online and offline networks is the easiest and most helpful thing anyone can do. As well, feel free to create your own content that further explains and simplifies these ideas. If you have questions, then I encourage you to get in touch (viableunderdogs@gmail.com). The only thing I ask if you decide to make your own material is to refer your own audience back to Viable Underdogs as well. This minimizes the possibility of misinformation and disinformation, which our world is currently highly vulnerable to until I correct the global communication system with the Unfreeze-Chain Letter. As of now, Viable Underdogs has not partnered up with any other individual or organization. If this changes, it will be updated.

Launch #1

Below is what was sent to the majority of news outlets during the first launch. Since I am well aware it failed miserably, I ask you not to judge too harshly. As a reminder, my claim is that my main area of expertise is in the diagnosis and repair of complicated systems. I am a Generalist everywhere else, so my skill level at selling disruptive ideas is at amateur level (and that’s probably being generous).


Thank you in advance for taking valuable time out of your day to read this email.

Attached in this email is research outlining a divergence within academic fields that has been occurring for over 70 years. As you can imagine, this would entail some profound consequences. By combining fields, we can employ some very neat, innovative, and unorthodox solutions to many global problems.

However, it is important to remember that we have learned a lot in the last 70 years. If I went back to the 1950’s with a smart phone, it would indeed appear like magic to some people living during that time. But, for those curious and interested enough, explanations could be offered about how they operate. The biggest challenge would be finding those curious and interested enough to learn a large volume of new material required to understand the significance of a smart phone (wireless communication, internet, search engines, etc.).

I provide substantial proof for all the claims I make. I admit they are quite bold, which unfortunately leads some people to be dismissive of the claims. However, I really do want to stress that I provide evidence and sources for everything.

Included below are my main claims, as well as videos I have created to simplify these concepts in a couple minutes. The videos themselves are meant as supplementary material to the Research Paper I have created. The Research Paper was then converted into a Podcast, to more easily promote and share these ideas. I have presented this idea to a few people who agree with my claims. But this typically takes a couple hours (Hence the Podcast). A link to the Podcast is included following my claims.


Claim #1:

In the event of a global crisis, our ability to communicate a global crisis message is compromised:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcmRwHGamhg (4 Minutes Long)

Claim #2:

According to the United Nations, The Vatican, The Guardian, NASA, and many other legitimate organizations, we are in a sustainability (climate) crisis:



Claim #3:

I have unorthodox solutions regarding the problem I just mentioned, as well as solutions to many other problems in global sustainability. As just one example, we can employ a concept called ‘Blueprint Copying.’ Here’s a quote form the book: “How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas” by David Bornstein that outlines this idea:

“In India, the disability movement…accelerated its progress by copying the American blueprint. In Brazil, the consumer protection movement also copied – and improved upon – the American blueprint, with great success. During the 1990’s, micro-credit spread to almost every corner of the globe because…concerted efforts [were made] to distribute the blueprint – the how tos – not just the concept.”

Here is a video briefly explaining how we can use this concept to accelerate change in Sustainability: 

(3 minutes Long)

Claim #4:

Using lateral thinking, I combined Management, Communication, and Economic concepts to Sustainability to help address some of our sustainability problems.

This video briefly explains the idea behind Lateral Thinking if it is unfamiliar to you:

(3 Minutes Long)

Claim #5:

Some of these concepts from the Business field are over 70 years old. Meaning there has been a divergence occurring within academia. You can learn more about why this is in this video:

(4 Minutes Long)

All of the videos are available to view on the Channel Name ‘Viable Underdogs’ on YouTube.

Here is a link to the Podcast:

Viable Underdogs
(Available on Spotify, iTunes, & Google Play, and Podbean):


***All of the proposed solutions have smaller scale proof of concept***

The Viable Underdogs podcast is designed to be a Crash Course, which means there is a lot of material to explore. For this reason, I wrote it in a unique way to save as much time as possible. Here is a listening guide on how the Podcast can be listened to:

(3 Minutes Long)

EPISODES 1 – 36: Research Paper that outlines and proves a 70-year long divergence between the fields of Science and Business within Academia.
EPISODE 36: Table of Contents & Executive Summary (35 minutes long)
EPISODE 39: Brief 10 Minute Summary quickly outlining the entirety of the Podcast
As well, here is a short preview of some of the concepts explored:

(6 Minutes Long)

For those 2 . 5% of Journalists / News Media interested, please either respond via email (viableunderdogs@gmail.com) if you have any questions or require any clarification, or simply forward this email on to others you feel may also be interested. I will happily chat with anyone over the phone (or in person if the distance is reasonable) should you be interested in running this story.

I understand your time is valuable. If you decide to contact me and I cannot at least pique your curiosity, I will happily reimburse you for your time at whatever your hourly rate is.



UPDATE: April 15, 2020

Here is a copy of the email that was sent out during this second launch. Once again, please don't judge too harshly since my area of expertise is not in selling disruptive ideas via email:

Solutions to Sustainability & The Coronavirus Pandemic. #YouBuying?

Quite a few months back, I reached out to many individuals and organizations around the globe with a claim that I have solutions to our Sustainability Crisis. To back up this claim, I have since written three separate books (with many references and sources throughout), created 8 separate videos that further attempt to explore the ideas, recorded an audiobook that provides an overview of all the material presented, and I am in the process of writing my fourth book, which should be completed by the end of 2020 (though I’ll admit, my motivation for writing this material is starting to wane a bit due to a lack of traction with these ideas).

I’m not a professional writer, nor am I an expert in ‘selling’ these types of disruptive ideas. In truth, I’m at a complete loss for how to gain anyone’s interest and attention for these ideas, including anyone I send this email to.

In my mind, these ideas should sell themselves. Here are the titles of the current three books (all can be downloaded for free at the link I leave below):

Book #1:

Renegades of Disruption: How To Overcome Humanity’s Overwhelming Resistance To Change & New Ideas.

Book #2:

Uncage Human Ingenuity: A Realistic, Profitable Global Transition to Sustainability Within 10 Years.

Book #3:

A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter: Laterally Applying Change Management Concepts To Correct Compromised Global Communication Channels.
Here’s a link that includes Free PDF Downloads of the books:


All of the strategies outlined in the books and articles can also be applied to correct known problems currently occurring on the subject of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s an article that briefly explores this idea:


I strongly recommend you read ‘Renegades of Disruption’ first, as it lays the foundation for all other information I present. If you do read it, please keep in mind that my field of expertise is not in writing. Although the books collectively represent thousands of hours of solid research and work, I have written these on my own without the help of an editor. There are minor mistakes present, and I hope these mistakes do not detract you from the underlying points I am attempting to make.

Below is the initial ‘attention grabber’ included at the start of the book, Renegades of Disruption, to hopefully pique your interest in the rest of my work. I realize asking you to read an entire book is quite the ask, and as I said, I don’t know how to make that ‘sale.’

However, if I truly do have solutions to our Sustainability Crisis and Coronavirus Crisis (among a plethora of other wild claims), then those solutions would make this story the journalistic scoop of a lifetime.

From Page 4 of Renegades of Disruption:


Here are some attention grabbers to see if this book is of any interest to you:
-Although the underlying cause of scurvy was determined as far back as 1601, The British Navy didn’t implement processes to eliminate it for almost 200 years. Still better than the British Board of trade, who required 270 years.

-The dangers associated with lead poisoning have been suspected for at least 2000 years, and yet, during the early 20th century, us humans decided to add lead to fuel in cars, despite warnings from scientists indicating this was not a good idea dating back as far as the 1920’s, and yet, it still took another 50 years for those warnings to start being taken seriously. 
-We humans have burned scientists at the stake when they propose ideas that are already 1800 years old.
-We humans initially dismissed the findings of a medical doctor who suggested a crazy idea: that sterilization and hand-washing are kind of important ideas in medicine.
Historically, anytime an idea is new and presents a fairly wild idea (like vastly increasing the likelihood of surviving surgery), it is met with resistance, derision, or dismissal. Feel free to forward onto the next part of the book where I provide a sampling of the large amount of evidence to support this claim.



A Seventy Seven Million Dollar Chalk Mark

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