Monday 20 April 2020

A Seventy Seven Million Dollar Chalk Mark

Viable Underdogs Preface

“There are many dubious stories in the history of ideas, and some, despite their improbability, make valid points. One such story is about Charles Steinmetz (or Edison, or Tesla, depending on the version you hear), holder of more than 200 patents, who retired from General Electric. A complex system had broken, and no one could fix it so they hired him back to consult. Steinmetz found the malfunctioning part and marked it with a piece of chalk. He submitted a bill for $10,000. The GE managers were stunned and asked for an itemized invoice. He sent back the following: Making the chalk mark, $1, Knowing where to place the chalk mark $9,999. Ideas are like chalk marks: as simple as they may seem, knowing where, when, and why to use even the smallest ones can make all the difference in the world.

…a small idea, applied consistently, can have disproportionately large effects."

-Scott Berkun,
writer of the book, Mindfire, 
and one of the great thinkers in our time.

The following work, Viable Underdogs, represents the last 4 years of my life. Short of supporting myself and the odd vacation, Viable Underdogs occupied most of my free time. I say this with the intent of impressing you because you are the person whose time I am requesting, and you deserve the best in return for your time: Premium level material you hopefully enjoy. I’m just a random person in the world hoping to impress one other random person in the world. You.

This is it. My Absolute Best. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

-The Last Clockmaker on Mars
April 20, 2020


Executive Summary (2 versions)

Bodacious Blue Version (Click HERE)
(12 minutes total read time)

1. Who I am? / What I am offering? / Why you should care?
2. Redefining the Problem / Main Overview
3. Answer to the V-Dogs Promotional Riddle
4. Explanation and Timeline: Chain Letter - Blue Version
5. A Call to Action - Blue Version

Radical Red Version (Click HERE)
(12 minutes total read time)

1. What is Viable Underdogs?
2. Disruption of YouTube
3. Second Launch and Why
4. A Story As Old As Civilization Itself: Chain Letter - Red Version
5. A Call to Action - Red Version

Video List
(All videos are approx. 3 - 10 minutes long)

NOTE: All links will be checked weekly to ensure they still work. Depending on your device, you may have to 'right click' and 'open in new tab' to view the video. If any link is down, please either get in touch or check back soon.

Written version of this video available HERE

Provides a brief overview of what to expect in the Viable Underdogs book, Uncage Human Ingenuity (More details in the two Executive Summaries above).

Written version of this chapter available HERE
(Chapter 15 of the book, A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter). This episode is the 'unofficial introduction' to Viable Underdogs. 

More details provided in the two Executive Summaries above. 

These two videos (Red & Blue) explain Lateral Thinking and provide an example of using 'Lateral Thinking' by modifying the same strategy originally used by one of the most popular video games of all time, Pokemon. 

**Updates to any ongoing strategies being attempted will soon be available here. The current 'taboo' strategy is explained in the above executive summaries.**

Solving the Global Communication Crisis

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