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Viable Underdogs Executive Summary (Radical Red Version)

Welcome to Viable Underdogs, and thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to visit this site and read this article.

In this ‘Red’ version of this Article, we are discussing:

1. What is Viable Underdogs? (2 mins)
2. Disruption of YouTube (4 mins)
3. Second Launch and Why (2 mins)
4. A Story As Old As Civilization Itself: Chain Letter - Red Version (2 mins)
5. A Call to Action - Red Version (2 mins)

In the other ‘
Blue ’ version of this Article, we are discussing:

1. Who I am? / What I am offering? / Why you should care? (1 min)
2. Redefining the Problem / Main Overview (3 mins)
3. Answer to the V-Dogs Promotional Riddle (1 min)
4. Explanation and Timeline: Chain Letter - Blue Version (3 mins)
5. A Call to Action - Blue Version (4 mins)

NOTE: I am not a professional writer - please ignore minor typos and other writing errors.


In January 2019, I officially launched Viable Underdogs.

Viable Underdogs is many things at the same time. First and foremost, it’s an attempt for me to sell my Global Consulting services, and to be clear, I have zero desire to do this job for very long. I am eager to train others on how to do it. This is why I wrote the books. There’s more than enough info in there for others to start doing their own research.

The second thing Viable Underdogs serves is that it represents a global crisis message. When the United Nations launched their 
CRISIS MESSAGE in September 2018, the video and corresponding transcript weren't long enough or effectively communicated enough to increase the desired urgency, so I spruced it up a bit. That’s what the combination of the Podcast-Audiobook and Uncage Human Ingenuity represent: a spruced up crisis message meant to overcome info saturation, misinformation, and disinformation. Hopefully, Viable Underdogs is seen for what it is intended to be: a global, neutral, composed, and urgent call to action. 

This message is a global plea for level-headed thinking in a world in desperate need of it. And hopefully, you also see it for what it was intended to be written as: An unbiased truth. Another thing our world is in desperate need of.

On that note, allow me to introduce two other things Viable Underdogs is:

A first legitimate attempt to teach a global audience about a new academic field: Global ‘Type 1’ Management, along with the need for Generalists specializing in 
Lateral Thinking

And the second is a first legitimate attempt at a media outlet specializing in Global Type 1 ‘Rogue’ Journalism. Type 1 Rogue Journalism is global, neutral, and as unbiased as possible. And, in case you want to suggest another news outlet that fits these criteria, last I checked, V-Dogs is the only outlet reminding you that there are two ongoing global crises occurring, and the other one has greater potential consequences than COVID-19 (technically, there are three crises if you count our 
compromised global alarm system).

I realize that’s an unpleasant reality to face, and why many are likely to initially strongly argue against me. This is why I constantly ask you if you’re buying what I’m selling. Overall, throughout all the provided material, have I made a valid case with enough evidence to appeal to your reason and logic?


Much like airlines, video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Pornhub have high operational costs that make it difficult for new competitors to enter the market, since these costs require a much higher initial investment than other types of businesses. As stated when we often explore different consequences of the The Fall of Journalism, the ad revenue business model has become more difficult due to factors like increased competition, market saturation, and increased use of ad blockers. 

Netflix was created in 1997 and started offering video streaming services a decade later. As you’ll read in the book, Renegades of Disruption, when Netflix launched the streaming component of its business model, it was initially targeting an entirely new market, and eventually disrupted the existing market of video rental businesses like Blockbuster Video.

Since then, new entrants, like Amazon, Hulu, and Disney, are now directly competing with Netflix’s market share. As well, there appears to be another entrant in the midst of making a lateral move to also compete in this market, YouTube.

You can read more about this move in articles like this one:

Alexander, J. (2019). The Verge. The golden age of YouTube is over.

As the ad revenue model continues to change from year to year, companies like YouTube appear to be moving away from the original model that created its success: user-submitted content. This leaves two questions:

#1: Is YouTube’s long-term strategic plan to compete directly with streaming services like Netflix, and to mostly abandon its original business model? 
#2: If so, which business is the best suited to take over YouTube’s previous business model that primarily generated ad revenue form user submitted original content?
Here’s an article that provides a highly unorthodox suggestion:

Gutelle, S. (2019). Daily Dot. Pornhub might be the next frontier in streaming entertainment.


Obviously, the subject of pornography is still quite taboo, but Pornhub does appear to be doing their best to legitimize the industry. Here’s an article written a few years ago about Pornhub:

Solon, O. (2016). The Guardian. Pornhub launches explicit audio for the visually impaired.

What a world we live in when even the visually impaired can access this taboo content, and due to the beauty of advertising, this explicit audio service is available for free.


There were 42 Billion visits to Pornhub in 2019, as per the statistics that Pornhub publishes:

The 2019 year in review. Pornhub.

With these numbers, is it any wonder why this was always part of the Viable Underdogs ‘launch’ plan? To be clear, this was never Plan A. As you’ll notice in the chain letter timeline, since January of 2019, I have attempted numerous ways at launching this ‘Kurt Lewin-Unfreeze-Chain Letter’ strategy from more legitimate avenues, but it has been difficult to gain any traction due to the following factors:

1 in 1000

Based on my research, outlined in the book, 
Renegades of Disruption, it appears that about 1 person in 1000, or 0.1%, will entertain the ideas I present. This also doesn’t account for other factors that further lower this statistic, such as those who do not speak the only language V-Dogs is currently produced in, English. 

This means that in order for the Viable Underdogs Type 1 Unfreeze Chain Letter to work, it requires a communication channel that has the attributes mentioned in our ‘promotional riddle’:

-Relatively Quiet


Most social media outlets are global, since billions of people from many nations are all connected to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, all of these communication channels are rather noisy. The likelihood of attracting a large enough audience to ensure my message locates the 1 in a 1000 is rather low on any of these platforms, save for one: pornography.


Arguably, the only communication channels that uphold some form of neutrality are the fields of academia and journalism, but I have already attempted both of these channels already. These channels are also quite noisy. Other communication channels like government are, by nature, not neutral. With the exception of the United Nations, there is not really a global communication channel for government that individuals like myself have access to. As well, there exists perceptions that the United Nations is not globally neutral. I am not here to comment one way or the other. I am merely stating that this perception exists, regardless of the reality.

Relatively Quiet

Relatively Quiet means that the communication channel is not saturated with individuals and organizations seeking publicity and/or validation. In the world of 2020, quiet communication channels are practically non-existent.

There is only one communication channel that is global, neutral and relatively quiet. Unfortunately, many people may not be receptive of utilizing a taboo communication channel like Pornhub. As a reminder, this was never Plan A.

However, of all options available, this option always had the highest likelihood of success, since it’s the only option that fits the necessary criteria. It’s certainly not an ideal situation, but a compromised global communication system is a global crisis and during a crisis, one needs to use any and all resources at one’s disposal.

Does there exist a better idea?

This is sincere question. I racked my brain over this for a long time, and I never did come up with any other communication channel that fits the criteria. Keep in mind, while there may be some niche channels that are less noisy, I require a rather large initial audience to locate 1 person out of a 1000 that will help the chain letter locate the critical mass of people necessary for successful global deployment of the strategy.

If you have a suggestion that I have overlooked, then I encourage you get in touch and provide a better suggestion. I’m all ears.

On some level, I suppose I always knew that if I was going to make a final stand for the fate of our civilization, that it would always start on a site like Pornhub. ;)


More info on the first launch and start of the second launch can be found here:

Article 9: Understanding the Numbers

Viable Underdogs is an altruistic chain letter that seeks to diffuse consistent, fact-checked, unbiased information to combat the misinformation, disinformation, and fake news that is prominent throughout many global communication channels. Based on smaller scale proof-of-concepts that can be found in the field of Business Management, the idea should work in theory.

The first launch of this idea was attempted in August and September of 2019. This included promotional campaigns on Social Media, while also attempting to present the idea to various academics and journalists all over the globe.

Following the failure of the first launch, changes were implemented to hopefully increase the success rate of the second (and most likely final) launch. This involved creating more material to further support the material presented in the Podcast-Audiobook, including some of the new material focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, since this is the exact thing that was predicted by Viable Underdogs last summer: that our ability to communicate during a global crisis is compromised. Following the second launch, I will work on creating a much more thorough and flushed out strategy for global pandemics. For a teaser on what will be presented, check out the Viable Underdogs  
Coronavirus Series.

Attempts to contact academics and journalists were made a second time with the new material. This was to ensure that I had completely exhausted every other option prior to diffusing the altruistic chain letter in a communication channel that arguably removes legitimacy and may turn off some potential readers and listeners.

Once uploaded into the communication channel, I will work on promoting it by using various strategies ranging from humorous to more serious. Based on the success rate after a week or two, I will reevaluate the strategy at that time. If there is still no success, then the chain letter will once again be put on indefinite hiatus. I will leave the material up, but I am out of ideas on how to promote them following this attempt. Deploying the strategies presented in V-Dogs was never intended to be done in this manner. The Podcast-Audiobook was the back-up plan and diffusing it in an unorthodox communication channel like pornographic video streaming was the backup plan for the backup plan. I do feel a great deal of disappointment, and not just directed to myself.


(Altruistic Chain Letter - Red Version)

“Bullshit sells, don’t you ever forget it.”
                                                              -Sturgill Simpson

It’s a story as old as civilization itself: overwhelming resistance to a new, disruptive idea. This happened in the medical field, when doctors initially scoffed at the idea of hand-washing and sterilization. This happened with leaded fuel in the 20th century, when scientists scoffed at the idea that lead was poisonous. And it is happening right now, as I am trying to present strategies that will prevent more global crises and catastrophes that have become more frequent over the last two short decades.

Events like the 2008 Economic Crisis, the COVID-19 Crisis, and the ongoing Sustainability Crisis are all symptoms of a deeper, underlying root problem.

This is my story, but I sincerely hope, with the deepest level of humility and empathy, that you, my audience, decide to make it our story. This is the story of our planet and our species. What makes humanity great and what makes us terrible. Our strengths and our weaknesses. Our triumphs and our failures. And this is only chapter one…

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Chain Letter

The Viable Underdogs Chain Letter is a story that spans 16 months about my various attempts to promote the ideas contained within, while simultaneously also teaching you about the concepts themselves. It is as short I was able to make it to ensure it achieves its desired effect. This 16 month long message is an attempt to shift public perception and teach the fundamentals behind a brand new academic field: Global ‘Type 1’ Management.

There are various ways you can consume the material, depending on your personal preference. It’s important to note that all my work has dates attached to it, starting from January 5, 2019 with 
EPISODE 1 / CHAPTER 1 in the Podcast-Audiobook. As more material is created, it builds upon the work already explored in previous materials, so it is beneficial to consume the material in sequential order by the date added, although it is certainly not necessary if you’re feeling more adventurous. The ‘Blue’ Version of this article outlines the sequential order the material was written and originally presented in.

Anything can be read, listened to, or watched on its own, and will include any necessary references on material it builds upon.

NOTE: You may notice comments I have left that encourage any reader to start by reading Renegades of Disruption. If you intend to consume all the material, then ignore the messages. If you decide not to, then Renegades is the book to read.

Choose your own adventure:

*The Academic Route  (FREE PDF copies of all books included in the link)

*The 'Bookworm' Route - Read whichever book title initially interest you the most:

A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter: Laterally Applying Change Management Concepts to Correct Compromised Global Communication Channels. 
Renegades of Disruption: How to Overcome Humanity's Overwhelming Resistance to Change & New Ideas.
Uncage Human Ingenuity: A Realistic, Profitable Global Transition to Sustainability Within 10 Years. 

*The COVID-19 Route - start by reading the Perception 
'Communication, Perception,& Reality' Series and the 'COVID-19' Series, but keep in mind, this material builds heavily on already explored concepts, so it might be a tad more challenging. 

*The Sustainability Route - Listen to the 
Podcast-Audiobook while you read along with the written version, A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter.

*The ‘My Story’ Route (included in the 
Blue Version of the Executive Summary)

(‘Intense’ Red Version)

As individuals, we all have differing motivations and ambitions. As such, what may seem as motivational to one person may be seen as offensive to another and vice versa. With this in mind, two separate and very different motivational speeches were crafted. The following Red Version is designed to be much more intense and arguably pessimistic, while the other 
Blue Version is a more ‘laid back’ and upbeat version. Feel free to read both, but keep in mind that it’s possible one or neither of them appeal to you very much (maybe you hate motivational speeches). On the other hand, perhaps both will equally appeal to you. The Blue Version borrows material from the very end of the book, A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter, while the Red Version borrows material from EPISODE 25 / CHAPTER 25. You can read the chapter in A Type 1 Unfreeze Chain Letter, or listen to the audio version in the Podcast-Audiobook

Note: You may notice a tone change three quarters of the way thru. Some readers might find it off-putting, which is its desired effect, but if you don't like it, then I recommend following the sequential order of the V-Dogs Chain Letter outlined in the Blue version, rather than the 'choose your own adventure' options. This tone change occurs when the excerpt pulled from Chapter 25 of the book, A Type 1 Unfreeze-Chain Letter, begins.

Play whatever music gets you fired up, grab your favourite beverage, slap on your favourite aviators, pop your collar, and get yourself psyched. ‘Cause here comes another motivational pep talk:

Red Version

This message goes out to every human being living everywhere on this rock. This is a plea for level-headed thinking, and mostly free from cognitive biases and associative barriers. This is a call to action. This call goes out to every individual, city, nation, and international body that exists on our planet. This call goes out to every religion and system of belief. This call goes out to every business and organization, big and small, and entrepreneurs. This call goes out to every worker in every occupation. This call goes out to every leader and government on this globe.

Compromised global communication channels is unprecedented in all of human history. When soldiers lose their ability to effectively communicate with each other, it loses battles (much like some battles lost on COVID-19). Effective communication and intelligent management is no joke. We are at war, ladies and gentleman, make no mistake about it. Don’t trivialize it either. We are in a war to defend truth.

This isn’t some type of conspiracy. It’s just problems that occur when an organization as large as ours, our current global civilization, grows to the level it currently is. And while, thankfully, traditional war seems less probable in this style of organization, it leaves itself far more vulnerable to other problems. Problems like our global pandemic and sustainability.

Our ability to communicate is compromised and you’re seeing this on the current pandemic. I need to temporarily hijack our communication systems to restore our alarm system. But I can’t do this alone.

If enough people forward Viable Underdogs and embed the #YouBuying hashtag, the strategy will work. This was written with the idea that 80% or more of people will agree with 80% or more of the material. I doubt more could ever be possible (as per the Pareto Principle). 

The only thing that will save us is doubling down on human ingenuity. Every solution I propose already has proof of concept in another field. It’s just never been attempted on this scale.

This is the biggest fight in the history of our species, and I signed onto the losing side. This isn’t a fight against an obvious enemy:

This is a fight against ignorance.

This is a fight against pride.

This is a fight against fear of change.

This is a fight against human insecurities.

This is a fight against bias and prejudice.

This is a fight against our own ‘law-of-least-effort’ natures.

But most of all, it’s a fight against apathy.

Hey. Earth. Wake the fuck up!

Your home is on fire.

-Originally published on June 30, 2019.




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Solving the Global Communication Crisis

Prior to reading: The following article references material included in other books. Check out for a list of all books. It may be...